New tasks for AGA community!

Added by Peter Kembro over 3 years ago

We are looking into contributing code + wiki information relating to the OEM integration of AGA.

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RE: New tasks for AGA community! - Added by Jonas Berg almost 3 years ago

We have implemented an AGAAdapter tool that converts messages from the MQTT protocol to the SDP protocol, for experimenting with the AGA framework. Prototyping is very easy when using MQTT, in part due to the availability of open source MQTT libraries, brokers and command line tools. 

You can have a look in the source to understand how to do SDP communication (and using SCS data types) with the AGA framework.

To verify the AGA infotainment system and the TCP/IP connection to it, a vehicle mock utility (sends vehicle signals) is included. It will send SDP messages (scriptable) to the AGA infotainment system, and display SDP messages sent from the AGA infotainment system.

In order to verify the functionality of this tool, the infotainment mock utility (included) can be used. It is an command line utility that mimics the infotainment system from a SDP communication point of view. It will print out received SDP messages (and is able to send SDP messages).