Explanation of NetSocket protocol?

Added by Jakob Eriksson over 3 years ago

This page explains that SDP messages are preceded by a NetSocket handshake.


But what is this NetSocket protocol, more than that it's inspired by ZeroMQ? Is NetSocket specific to AGA, or is NetSocket documented somewhere else?

More specifically I am trying to make an SDP node in C or C++, to act as a gateway of sorts between a CAN bus and the AGA stack.


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RE: Explanation of NetSocket protocol? - Added by Joakim Lundvall about 3 years ago


Netsocket is a pure AGA protocol and implementation. SDP depends upon a communication channel with individual messages. Netsockets role in the stack is to break up the socket communication in messages. Also there are inbound keep alive messages being sent.

The reason for not using ZeroMQ right away was to minimize external dependencies. What is the status of the C/C++ implementation as of now?