Changes in the build script between kitkat and lollipop

Added by Christopher Pavlic about 3 years ago

I recently recived a question regarding the build script that I thought others might be intrested in. So I am posting it here.

"I am experienced into Android development but I am all new to ROM cooking so I may come with some questions. And while I get you, I haveone about AGA Build script that can be found on AGA wiki : It seems to rely on Kitkat where the ROMS are running Lollipop. Will it work if I just change the branch name to android-5.0.2_r1 in the script ?"

In the base we are still running the 4.4.2 script to build the lollipop branches but it still requires additional changes to change the version from kitkat to lollipop.

There are a few points that needs to change before you will be able to build. First of all the drivers have different download links for each version of android and needs to reflect the 5.0.2 version (google have a downloads of all nexus tablets drivers). Secondary the security system have changed slightly requiring a modification (the system builds but the services crashes before the tablet have fully booted leaving the tablet in a permanent boot-loop due to the watchdog trying to restart the system via soft-rebooting). Lastly there seems to be a small problem with 3 lines of javadoc that will cause the update-api call to fail resulting in the entire build failing.