Release Notes AGA 1.0 2014-09-01

Added by Magnus Nylén about 4 years ago

For details, please see Release Notes AGA 1.0 2014-09-01.

First Release approaching!

Added by Peter Kembro about 4 years ago

This summer we have seen some exciting news about the Google announcement of Android Auto, letting you connect your Android device to an In-Vehicle Infotainment system. This is of course something that also will be supported by an Automotive Grade Android (AGA) platform. The AGA platform simply allows you to also design, develop and distribute services directly to the In-Vehicle Infotainment system, without connecting a device.

The official release of AGA will be made on September 4th, where we will demonstrate the powerful simulator and demo applications built using the SDK.

For further information on the pre-hack event, that took place in Gothenburg on June 16th , please visit the pre-hack wiki page.

For further information on the content and capabilities of the SDK, please visit the Developers wiki page.



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