AGA Schedule

AGA uses a monthly release schedule that releases during the first day of the month. However AGA will not do a full release unless there is enough total contributions to mandate it. If there is not enough contributions for a release the AGA governors can decide not to do a release, this will then be stated in a forum post. For more information regarding how to make a patch please read Make a Patch Process.

As stated in the Processes page the AGA schedule looks like the following:

Week 1-2, gather and review all incoming change requests.
Week 3, make a forum post regarding all accepted change requests.
Week 4, give time slots for all developers implementing the change requests.
Final day of the month, release the next version.

This means that all accepted changes during January will be released as the February release.

Creating the new Release Branch

Before branching and releasing the contributors are one by one given access to write to the master branch of the repositories as discussed in Merging Your Patch Process. After this is done the AGA governors will revoke all write access to the repo and start with the branching process, the branching follows the naming convention described above. After control checks with both automated and manual tests the AGA governors will first put upp all binaries to the repo and after that put up a release note on the front wiki page.