AGA project development

The following resources are available on the developers zone:

  • Project management
    • Redmine is used to host the wiki, handle bug reporting and the product backlog
  • Source Code Management
    • Gitolite - holds the source code of the SDK, including simulator and reference applications
  • Build tools and dependency management
    • Gradle is used
  • Continous integration
    • For coninuous build, test and reporting we use Jenkins
  • Repo
    • There is no installed artifact repository manager, but we publish the artefacts that are built from Jenkins

Source Code Management

Gitolite/Git Administration

Revision management is controlled through Gitolite/Git and access is controlled at using public keys.

To add a new person/role:

git clone

Make the following changes:

  • Add the public key to the directory keydir
  • In the conf directory, edit gitolite.conf

Current Repositories

Current repos available for cloning:

git clone
git clone
git clone

Build tools

The build tool being used is Gradle and the build file is build.gradle.

To see the different tasks, type gradle tasks once the tools is installed and in your path.

Example usage:

gradle build
gradle javadoc

Example usage

To setup the project for your IDE:

gradle eclipse
gradle idea

To clean the project from the build(s):

gradle clean
To execute a normal build:
gradle build

To publish artifacts locally (not applicable to all projects):

gradle publishToMavenLocal

(the artifcats are available in build/libs)

The folder build comprises the built libraries and the report from e.g. unit testing and analyzing tools.

Continuous Integration

For coninuous build, test and reporting, see the different projects setup at


There is no installed artifact repository manager. Artifacts are however copied to a folder on the Jenkins build server and exposed at

For projects defined on Jenkins, the following is a recommendation of tasks to run: clean build publishToMavenLocal copyArtifacts

The important part is:

task copyArtifacts(type: Copy) {
    from 'build/libs'
    into '/srv/repo'

Dependency Management

To add dependencies from artifacts published to

Add the following to build.gradle:

dependencies {
    compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: '*.jar')

and also add the following:

// Kudos:
task downloadSDP(type: MyDownload) {
    sourceUrl = ' '
    target = file('libs/SDP-1.2.jar')

class MyDownload extends DefaultTask {
    String sourceUrl

    File target

    void download() {
        ant.get(src: sourceUrl, dest: target)

Software Components

See Software components

Code Formatting

See attached file "Eclipse Java Formatter Configuration".

Wiki formatting

There is a template availabe which should be used for formatting of this wiki. Copy and paste the text from the template and use this as a baseline of your wiki text. 

Table of contents editing

Whenever you have added, deleted or renamed a wiki page, you should edit the sidebar page and edit the table of contents in there. Please adjust the formatting (indentation) so it corresponds to the logical wiki structure. 

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