Combitech Open source Racing Simulator - CORS


CORS is an open-source multi-platform racing car simulator based on TORCS. CORS sends information about the car via a TCP/IP socket.
The AGA Simulator listens for such connection and is able to provide the corresponding signals based on the information received from CORS. In CORS so far the following data is generated:
  • Fuel level
  • Current Gear
  • Car speed
  • Fuel consumption
  • Distance
  • Engine Speed
  • Acceleration
Fuel consumption (C) is displayed as an additional gauge together with the Fuel (F) and Damage (D) gauges already available in TORCS.


Source package

  1. Download and extract the source archive file
  2. Follow the instruction for building the TORCS (Linux or Windows)

Patch to the TORCS sources

  1. Download the archive file containing only the changed source files
  2. Download the TORCS source package   (tested with TORCS version 1.3.6)
  3. Replace the source files in the original TORCS distribution with the files from the patch (just copy over the zip content after extracting it)
  4. Rebuild the whole project (refer to the README file in the TORCS source code)


Binaries for Windows and Linux are downloadable in the repo.


To get the CORS's car data in the Simulator:
  1. Start the Simulator
  2. Press "Add/Remove Signals" and choose "From TORCS module"
  3. Press play to run the Simulator
When the game is started it will automatically connect to the Simulator and will start sending the car driving data as far a new race is started.

You can also get the data from CORS by having another TCP/IP server which listens to the port of CORS (default -6000). For example you can use NetCat with the command
nc -l 6000