Before you start...

To get some background information about AGA before you start developing it is recommended to get some understanding about the platform.
Have a look at these pages:

Are you looking to develop an Automotive Grade Android application?

Automotive Grade Android SDK is available on repo and you do not need any special agreements to begin developing an Android application and using the simulator.

Download, develop and test your application using the simulation framework provided. Be inspired by the proof-of-concept application provided and make use of the available vehicle information to bring further innovation to your own applications!

Are you looking to make your own Automotive Grade Android distribution?

Please note that you need to run your application on an Automotive Grade Android distribution to have the automotive APIs available to your application. Have a look at the Distribute page to learn how a distribution is created. As an application developer you should not need to worry about this though.

Do you want to contribute to the Automotive Grade Android project?

Please join the community and participate in the discussions on the future of Android in IVI systems. Or why not start contributing code? Please visit the Project overview page to learn more about the AGA project.

When you are ready to start contributing to the project please visit the following page: