The main sections of the governance model include:

  • Overview
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Support
  • Decision making process
  • Contribution process


The objective of the Automotive Grade Android (AGA) open source project is to manage and evolve on the use of Android as an In-Vehicle Infotainment platform. This document describes how the project is managed, the licence model of the project outputs and how users can become involved with the development of the project. The governance model is inspired by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

The foundation is governed by the following entities:

  • Vehicle ICT Arena Board of Directors governs the sponsorship of the AGA platform and the developer zone.
  • Project Management Committee (PMC) govern the AGA project, and is composed of committers. 

Roles and responsibilities

This section describes the formal roles and their authority within the project. It also describes the level of commitment required and how one seeks to engage in each role. The goal of this section is to make it clear who manages the project, who can contribute, how they may contribute, and how they should behave if they wish to directly influence the project.

The main roles and responsibilties are:

  • User
  • Maintainer
  • Contributor
  • Project Management Committee member
  • Vehicle ICT Arena board member

Electing new members



This section documents support processes within the project. The support channel is the main contact with users of the project. You as a user may become future contributor and are therefore key to the sustainability of the project.

The main resources and channels to be used:

  • Wiki and Q&A
  • Mail-list
  • Bug reporting


The efficiency and transparency of the decision making process should be the main focus of this section of the governance document. It is this process that assures potential contributors that their efforts will be handled fairly by the project and will remain of value in the future. In order to promote a good understanding of how the AGA is governed a section dedicated to all processes used can be found here: