Human Machine Interface (HMI)

All apps being developed for AGA should bare the following driver distraction levels in mind. With this, the app developer should be able to certify his/hers app against a certain level. Level 0 means "no certification" i.e. all apps.

The "visual feedback", "audial feedback" and "input methods" columns in the below table are a first attempt to control app behaviour, these are subject to discussion and will always be defined by the OEM.

The below mentioned conditions are very simple conditions based on what is available in the FMS standard. This will be implemented in the AGA project merely as an example. It will be up to each OEM to define what should trigger each level, and what implications each level should have on the system.

Warning sounds are not handled within the AGA project, because they are real-time. Hence, the audio managing will be done at OEM level. All sounds from the AGA sytem should be treated as non-critical infotainment sounds.

The NHTSA guidelines are only followed to some extent in this example.

An example on how to use this is described in the Use case example

State Conditions (based on available FMS signals) Visual feedback, example Audial feedback, example Input methods, example Other
4 Very high vehicle speed > 120 || emergency braking system active || direction indicator == reverse Text only. Limited text length. All sounds fade down, only warning sounds are played at normal volume. Voice, steering wheel buttons.  
3 High turn signals active || vehicle speed > 90 || acc pedal position > 50% || brake switch active || lane departure warning active|| hatch open Text only. Limited text length. Music allowed, only time critical voice messages allowed (Turn-By-Turn messages) Voice, steering wheel buttons, touch. No manual text entry.  
2 Intermediate vehicle speed < 90 && acc pedal position < 50% Only static images and/or text. All sounds allowed Voice, steering wheel buttons, touch. No manual text entry.  
1 Low cruise control active && vehicle speed < 90 Moving images
All sounds allowed Voice, steering wheel buttons, scrolling, swiping, manual text entry.  
0 Standstill vehicle speed < 5 Everything allowed Everything allowed Everything allowed No vehicle certification required!

The levels are based on the following FMS standard signals (as of FMS standards description 0.3):

1.1.8 Tachograph : TCO1
                      Data: Direction indicator (forward or reverse), Tachogr. vehicle speed
1.1.16 FMS Tell Tale Status: FMS1
Tell tales: turn signals, hatch open, brake lights, lane departure warning, Advanced emergency braking system, 
1.2.1 Cruise Control/Vehicle Speed: CCVS
                      States: Wheel Based Speed, Brake Switch, Cruise Control Active, 
1.2.2 Electronic Engine Controller #2: EEC2
                      Data: Accelerator pedal position (%