Make a Patch Process

In order to be as efficient as possible we ask all contributors to follow the process explained below.

  1. Clone the latest release branch on the projects that you wish to contribute to.
  2. Apply your changes to the source files of the cloned repository.
  3. Create a diff document for each file modified this way.

The last item to prepare is a change document that explains the following:

  1. What changes will be made if we accept your patch
  2. In what way is the AGA project improved if we choose to accept this patch.

Create a zip or tar containing the diff documents, the modified files from the cloned repoisitory (delete unmodified files and keep the folder structure) and the change document and send it to aga[at]

Once the AGA governors see the patch they willl follow the Review Process.

Please note that if you are doing large changes it is best to contact the AGA team (aga[at] from the beginning as we want to make the process as smooth as possible.