Merging Your Patch Process

When a contributor patch is accepted it is added to a queue. This queue is the accepted patches in ascending date of being accepted.

Before a release the AGA governors will give write access to one contributor, taken from the que mentioned above, to apply the patch. The contributor will then have a specific time slot to do the merging and pass all the tests (old and new).

The time slots length will be decided by the AGA governors together with the contributor with the size and complexity of the merger in consideration.

If the contributor is unable to manage the changes within his or her given time slot the AGA governors will make an decision regarding whether or not the time slot should be extended or if a rollback shall be performed and the next contributor shall be given write access instead.

Once the contributor is finished with his or her merger the next contributor in the queue shall be given write access instead. The cycle repeat itself until all available time slots are used for the current release.

For more information regarding the AGA schedule please look a the following AGA Schedule.