Pre-Hack Notes

Feedback recieved during the pre-hack event


  • Lacks feedback regarding if the simulator is connected or not
    • Solution: Create functionallity in SDP that will allow a gateway to understand if it is connected to another node or not
    • Solution: Have the simulator-gui use this functionallity to check if it is connected or not
  • Lacks feedback regarding when the simulator disconnects
  • Fan on/off simulating aircondition
  • Flashers on/off, using e.g. google maps driving directions so that the flashers are turned on/off when chaning the lanes and turning
  • Lacks feedback regarding if the simulator is sending signals or not
  • Lacks information regarding what signals are beeing sent on each module
    • Solution: Store the information regarding what signals are being sent by this module
    • Solution: Have a summery over all active modules and the signal they are sending
  • Sliders are difficult and frustrating to use
    • Solution: Download widget slider and replace the current sliders with that
    • Solution: Create custom slider
    • Solution: Change from Vaadin to Java FX
  • Lacks a auto-retry connect functionallity
  • Lacks read data from application functionallity
  • Additional FMS singals (all...)
  • When disconnecting and using the Direct Simulation Tab the checkboxes will remain on but on reconnect the simulator-gui will no longer be providing the signal, unchecking and rechecking the box fixes this problem
    • Solution: When reconnecting re-provide all current signals
    • Solution: When disconnecting unprovide all current signal
  • Lacks shortcut commands for common functions such as connect
  • Gradle version from linux apt-get install hinders the vaadin plugin from running properly
    • Resolved by: downloading the gradle 1.10 or above and in terminal window navigated into the simulator-gui folder and use the command:
      /PATH/TO/GRADLE/./gradle vR
  • If port 8080 is taken the jetty server will fail to be setup but will not result in any error generated by the plugin without the use of --debug command
    • Resolved by: adding the attribute vaadin.serverPort = X, where x is a valid non-occupied port in the build.gradle script of the simulator-gui


Add listener on SDPGatewayNode
Client Node does not understand disconnects


Document AutomotiveSignalID with javadocs of signal specification to avoid looking at the spec itself


The difference between the jar and the ROM/SDK is not immediately understandable and need additional documentation
Android Studio vs Eclipse

  • recomended way?

Jar or ROM? Move non-recomended way to "deprecated" place in wiki


ensure that our additions are contributed OR that we are allowed to re-distribute TORCS from AGA dev zone


Lacks send data feature

Hardware Button Controller

Needs an implementation to inject signals to android

Android Studio

Android Studio uses gradle version 1.10 but most people used 1.12 this caused building problems
Add repo to Android Studio and download the AGA version
Prevent updates overwriting the SDK with the SDK manager
Add enumeration for special values


More documentation regarding how to use Android Studio is needed
The Wiki lacks a trubbleshooting page
Copy AutomotiveSignalID (with finished documentation) to wiki
More information regarding the use of the SDK

Feedback gathered in web-based feedback form

  Did you develop an Android Application? I would use the AGA SDK in the future to develop car android applications. (1-6) The develop an Android application tutorial on the wiki was easy to follow (1-6) The build your own AGA device tutorial on the wiki was easy to follow (1-6) The information I needed existed on the wiki (1-6) Develop an Android application: Was there any information that was difficult to find? Develop an Android application: Is there any information that you tried to find but could not? Develop an Android application: What was the worst thing when developing an app using the AGA SDK? Develop an Android application: What was the best thing when developing an app using the AGA SDK? Develop an Android application: Any other comments, suggestions etc. Wiki: Was there any information that was difficult to find? Wiki: Is there any information that you tried to find but could not? Any other comments, suggestions etc.
Average of respondants (9) Yes 71.43% 4.7 4 3.7 3.5 FMS signal specification (commmon comment)

It would be nice to separate information aimed for a UI developer and for a SW developer taking care of more behind the scene stuff.
Not really The simulator environment was hard to use and didn't feel reliable (very common comment).

There were two slightly different APIs for ROM och Java version, which might require code changes to final version? I might have misunderstood here though. (one comment)

The simulator needs to be stable and reconnecting so that you don't have to restart it for each new build of the application.
The demo app made it easy to get started with the SDK (the JAR's, not custom ROM).

The complete setup on a regular Windows PC, including vehicle simulator (signal simulator or TORCS) combined with the Android development and emulator environment.

It was quite simple to the signals that we wanted, you didn't need to write a lot of code to use the signals.

Seems easy to understand, and a relatively small effort to setup, given my minimal experience with gradle and the SDK in general. That is a good grade I think!

Easy and straight forward to get going when everything was set up correct!

It was very similar to other Android manager ie. sensorManager.. etc.
I would like to see examples where the need for a custom Android system service is more apparent. The eco-driving demo is to "easy". That problem can be solved in so many other ways that doesn't require an SDK.

I think the scope of the Infotainment system should be extended to include nomad devices, such as a passenger phone. Apps in the phone should, with valid certificate, be able to interact with the vehicle and its Infotainment system. My view is that GENIVI thinks "one box". Maybe AGA could have a more open and extended approach...

I think the documentation could use some more work to make it better, it could use some more information in some parts and also a clearer structure off the webpages.
Not really

Signal definitions.
I had problem with how to setup the SDK in Android studio and also that Android studio wrote over your SDK, so I had to pack it up again.

A getting stared page for both ROM and jar.
I like examples. Make it really easy to find and grab snippets of code. Perhaps even taking some queues from stackoverflow

I think you had a terrific start. Just keep up the good work!!