Pre-hack Prepare Your Development Environment

In order to save some time on Monday, we decided to add your public keys to our Git server and make a little test which runs on our Jenkins server (CI server).
To make sure that your development environment is fully functional before the session we made this "" file. The file is quite simple:
exit 1
The "exit 1" causes the test to fail. What we want you to do is to clone your team repository edit the file to:
exit 0
And push it to server and your team repository in Jenkins should show pass! That way we make sure that your key has worked and you are good to go!

Teams setup

Team name Git repository to clone Member(s) Company/Companies
Group 1  git clone Rickard Nilsson
Golnaz Sabet Nejad
Golnaz Makhtoumi
Group 2 git clone Johan Wessfeldt
Andreas Johansson
Group 3 git clone Johan Breisel Prevas
Group 4 git clone Rickard Lundahl
Anders Widén
Cybercom Groups
Group 5 git clone Magnus Grundberg
Jonas Thorsell
Group 6 git clone Håkan Johansson
Johan Olsson
Group 7 git clone Fredrik Malmin
Christoffer Hindelid
Emil Knabe
Group 8 git clone Oskar Hagberg
Nils Heuman
Group 9 git clone Håkan Burden GU
Group 10 git clone    
Once you managed to get your repository test pass on Jenkins you may also want to go ahead and clone our other repositories. Please take a look at Software_components page for details about each component.