Pre-hack Results

Group 1 - HiQ - Ensure Driver is Awake

Interface changes based on distraction level

  • Font size
  • Auditory in/output

Group 2 - Consat - NA

Did not get Android Studio Working in 1,5h
No prior use of Android Studio
Got eclipse working
Using Linux apt-get to install gradle

  • Downloaded wrong version

Android Studio generated faulty projects
Reported some problem about the ADB shell, but did not give any other information

Group 3 - Prevas - NA

Got Android Studio Working
Had other programs listening on port 8080 causing the simulator-gui to fail to boot up the jetty-server

Group 4 - Cybercom - Communication Between Vehicles

Long and short range communication between vehicles
Ubuntu & Eclipse working without gradle
Good wiki
Wanted a list of dependencies and versions
Wanted a auto-retry connect functionallity that could reconnect the simulator to application
Was uncertain regarding the differences between the jar files and the rom/sdk

Group 5 - Volvo - Map Router

Switches between two pictures
Use weight of truck load to determine route

  • High load -> avoid alps
  • Low load -> take fastest route

Used the Jar version
Thought it was unclear if the simulator was connected or not
Better classification of layers of signals
Did not like that you had to uncheck and recheck a box to start sending a signal again when reconnecting

Group 6 - Delphi - NA

Did not get the environment setup in 1,5h
Wanted troubleshooting in the wiki
Thought that we might need a pre-made environment for taking time off setting up the environment
Using the Android Studio
SDK was overwritten when downloading tools from SDK Manager

Group 7 - Semcon - Fuel Consumption Graph

30 min debugging own code due to not knowing you had to restart the simulator
Simulator is problomatic to use
Wanted continues feedback from simulator regarding signals

Group 8 - Interaktionsbyrån - NA

Mac and Android Studio working
Need to know if simulator is connected
Unclear what type of signal is comming in (casting to correct type was difficult)

  • More documentation regarding signals

Group 9 - Chalmers / GU - MIA


Group 10 - Pilotfish - Speed Activity Switcher

Wanted better description regarding where to put Jar-files
Wanted continues feedback from simulator regarding signals