In this page all processes regarding Automotive Grade Android (AGA) will be gathered so that users can understand how AGA is governed.

The AGA schedule looks like the following:

Week 1-2, gather and review all incoming change requests.
Week 3, make a forum post regarding all accepted change requests.
Week 4, give time slots for all developers implementing the change requests.
Final day of the month, release the next version.

Submissions and Reviewing

When making a contribution one should start by looking at the following process detailing what the AGA governors expect when receiving a patch.
Make a Patch Process

Once the contribution patch arrives and is made available for the AGA governors they follow the process below.
Review Process

If a minimum of one patch is accepted as to be released the following process will be used to merge the changes into AGA.
Merging Your Patch Process


The AGA uses a monthly release schedule as long as there is enough contributions to validate a full release.
AGA Schedule

Other Processes

AGA depends on automated testing and building to help ensure that the code provided has a high level of quality.
AGA Automated Testing Process