Project overview

Automotive Grade Android lets your application extend it's capabilities to that of the vehicle.

Automotive Grade Android provides an API to the vehice, both to read data and to inject data. You can adapt your existing applications, or write new ones, in order to:

  • make them vehicle-aware
  • provide better interfaces based on context
  • minimize distraction while driving
  • integrate with other connected services
  • get more insight into the vehicle's operation

and much more.

Automotive Grade Android gives the freedom of experimentation to developers.

Every new car is full of computers and electronics and there is growing interest in connecting the output from those systems to third-party applications and the web. Many companies are already offering tools to hook into the driver's interface, but they often have limited availability for developers. Plug the Android device to your vehicle interface into your car and read data from the vehicle in real-time, such as the steering wheel angle, GPS position, and vehicle speed. Because no single person or company can think of all possibilities for applications.

Why wouldn't I just use one of the inexpensive smartphone apps that connect to a cheap OBD-II Bluetooth adapter?

Smartphone apps are great, but most don't provide any programming interface for you to create new applications. Automitive Grade Android is not a "dashboard" application that you install and use - it's a platform for others to make custom applications, that take advantage of vehicle data and safely interact with the driver.

Modern automobiles are laced with a number of microcontrollers and sensors that monitor and control everything from the throttle position to the ambient air temperature. These devices communicate with each other over a number of different wired in-vehicle networks like CAN, Flexray, MOST and Ethernet.


The first release of the AGA platform was made as version 1.0 on September 1 in 2014.

We are currently working on plans for additional updates to this version, both maintenance updates and functional upgrades.
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Discussion & Support

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