Release Notes AGA 1.0 2014-09-01

The AGA 1.0 release is the first official release of the Automotive Grade Android SDK.

New Features and Changes

The AGA 1.0, comprises:

  • AGA Software SDK
  • AGA Android SDK and ROM Build Script
  • AGA Android SDK (for Windows and Linux)
  • AGA ROMs for select target platforms
  • Wiki for documentation
  • Simulation tools

Downloading and Installing

Core artifacts are available at and other artifacts/projects requires git acces.

Entry points for development are:

Artifact Version Link
Automotive API 1.0
Automotive Service 1.0
SDP 1.0
VIL 1.0
ROM SDK Build Script 1.0
AGA Android SDK Windows 1.0
AGA Android SDK Linux 1.0
Android AGA Flo ROM 1.0
Android AGA Grouper ROM 1.0
Android AGA Manta ROM 1.0
Android AGA Tilapia ROM 1.0
Simulator FX 1.0

Known Issues

Feedback and Contacts