Release Notes for new AGA sample application:

New AGA Sample Application

The new sample application is an Android application that replaces and unifies the existing “demo-app” which represents the instrument cluster and the former “eco-demo-app”. The new app is a sample gaming application that aims at promoting more eco-friendly driving by decreasing fuel consumption.

Our aim with including this integrated application in the repository was to provide users with a fully working application that fulfills the following requirements:

  • Giving a nice and playful representation of the AGA capabilities
  • Improving the user experience of the existing apps
  • Providing an improved, more informative look and feel of the instrument cluster gauges
  • Providing an amusing interactive game to give a real-life impression of the apps using the CORS simulator
  • Handing novice programmers a how-to code guide
  • Providing an architecture that teaches programmers how to deal with the GUI design in a clean manner
  • Showcasing the ease of developing for AGA

The AGA sample application comes in two flavors of Jar & ROM.

The ROM version uses the AGA’s built-in services and framework. This means that users need to flash their device with the available AGA ROM. The Jar version, however, does not require any device modifications, keeping the original device ROM intact.

Artifact Ver Link
New AGA sample application 1.0
CORS simulator 1.1

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