Review Process

The Automotive Grade Android (called AGA from now on) governors will upon receiving a patch begin with reading the change document described in Make a Patch Process. Druing a review the AGA governors will look at the following:

In the change document

  1. If the change proposed is in line with the Automotive Grade Android Mission.
  2. If the change proposed adds value to the AGA community.

In the code and diff files

  1. Quality and semantics of code written.
  2. Quality and semantics of the unit & acceptance tests written.
  3. If code changes matches the change document (for each userstory provide at least one acceptance test).

The AGA governors have the final say in whether or not a patch is accepted. During the review process the code, diff documents and change document under review will be made public for others to read and give input on in the forums.

Once the review process is done and enough contributions have been gathered the merging, tagging and branching process begins that ends with a new AGA release. More information regarding the AGA release and schedule can be found on the AGA Schedule page.