Simulator GUI Discussion

Simulator GUI Wanted Features

There is no feedback regarding if a signal was sent or not

  • Solution:

There is no information regarding what signals are beeing sent on each module

  • Solution: Store the information regarding what signals are being sent by this module
  • Solution: Have a summery over all active modules and the signal they are sending

The sliders in vaadin are terrible and a recplacement should be found

  • Solution: Download widget slider and replace the current sliders with that
  • Solution: Create custom slider
  • Solution: Change from Vaadin to Java FX

Simulator GUI Bugs

When installing gradle on linux via apt-get a version incapable of running the gradle script will be downloaded and installed

  • Solution: Have Linux users not downloading gradle via apt-get
  • Solution: Have Linux users manually download gradle 1.10 and use that folder when doing the gradle tasks (/PATH/TO/GRADLE/./gradle vR)

If another server or program is already occupying port 8080 the jetty server will fail to be setup but the browser will still pop-up and give a 404 - page not found

  • Solution: Use vaadin.serverPort = X
    • where X = any non-used port

Difficult to know if you are connected or not

  • Solution: Create functionallity in SDP that will allow a gateway to understand if it is connected to another node or not
  • Solution: Have the simulator-gui use this functionallity to check if it is connected or not

When disconnecting and using the Direct Simulation Tab the checkboxes will remain on but on reconnect the simulator-gui will no longer be providing the signal, unchecking and rechecking the box fixes this problem

  • Solution: When reconnecting re-provide all current signals
  • Solution: When disconnecting unprovide all current signal and reset gui to starting settings


18-June 2014

Added bugs and wanted features from the pre-hack.
Unsure about the best way of returning signal sent feedback.