Access: developer support mechanisms, availability of latest source code, public roadmap, and transparency of decision making
Development: Decision and Contribution processes that ease the ability of developers to influence the content and direction of the project
Derivatives: the ability for developers to create and distribute derivatives of the source code
Community: a community structure that does not discriminate between developers


Source code is freely available to all developers, at the same time.
Source code is available under a permissive OSI-approved license: Apache 2.0
Developer support mechanisms: project mailing lists, forums, bug-tracking databases, source code repositories, developer documentation, and developer tools are available to all developers.
The project backlog is available publicly.
Transparency of decision mechanisms – project meeting minutes/discussions are publicly available such that it is possible to understand why and how decisions are made relating to the project.


Project Roles and Responsibilities
 - User, Maintainer, Contributor, Project Management Committee , Vehicle ICT Arena Board
Decision Process
 - Roadmap and project backlog management
Contribution Process
 - possibility to identify from whom source code contributions originate.
 - Use of developer zone resources
 - Support
 – the code contribution and acceptance process is moderated by the maintainer, with progress updates of contributions.
 - all developers can potentially become committers and are accepted by the maintainer
 – all committers to the project can be identified.


No trademarks are used to control how and where the platform is used via enforcing a compliance process prior to distribution.
This is managed by the respective member companies
Are go-to-market channels for applications derivatives constrained by the project in terms of approval, distribution, or discovery?